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La parola del giorno: PASSAPORTO


Today’s word is passaporto.

Enjoy the video lesson!

il passaporto  – passport,  パスポート

Ha il passaporto?Do you have a passport?,  パスポートを持っていますか?

Passaporto e biglietto, prego. – Passport and ticket, please.  パスポートと搭乗券をお願いします。


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3 pensieri riguardo “La parola del giorno: PASSAPORTO

  1. Hellow, Serena, I really like your blog because I’m a Brazilian who’s studying Italian, English and Japanese at the same time and it looks like you’ve written this just for me xD

    I’d like to ask you, is the sound of the double consonants in Italian like that one of the double consonants of Japanese ROMA-JI (like “tsukatte”, “kissaten”, etc.)? I’ve read that there really is a difference between the pronunciations from “pala” and “palla”, for example, and I tend to pronunciate those sylabes just like I do in Japanese and I’d like to know if it’s right or not xD

      1. Oh my God, thank you for helping me with this doubt ;www; keep the good work uwu


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