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Course: Conversational Italian in 22 lessons

Learn every day Italian in less than a month and

make traveling to Italy a snap!

You are on the way to Italy but do not know one bit of Italian. To make the most of this exotic journey, you need to be comfortable with simple questions such as Where is the hotel? or How much does it cost? You’ll also find it easier to enjoy your trip if you learn ahead of time how to ask for help, just in case there’s an emergency.

Conversational Italian in 22 days is the perfect language tutor. In less than a month – about the time to get a passport – you will learn enough Italian to make your travel adventure a smooth and enriching experience. This course provides you with all the communication skills you need to make the most of an exciting jaunt and speak confidently to the people you encounter. It’s organized in 22 units, one for each day of the week. Perfect for pleasure or business travelers, Conversational Italian in 22 days enables you to easily communicate with native speakers without expensive and time-consuming language classes. You will only to worry about what you pack!

Course Goal ad Objectives:

  • Italian knowledge to make a travel adventure a smooth and enriching experience
  • All the communication skills needed to make the most of an exciting jaunt and speak confidently to the people encountered
  • Key words and phrases for everyday situations such as dining, shopping, and asking for directions
  • Straightforward grammar points and interactive practice exercises
  • An easy-to-navigate vocabulary list for on-the-spot reference

Course outline

  1. Greetings and introductions
  2. Reserving a hotel room
  3. Ordering drinks
  4. Finding your way around
  5. Nationalities and languages
  6. Shopping (clothes)
  7. Shopping (postcards and stamps)
  8. Shopping (food)
  9. Eating out
  10. Banks and currency exchange
  11. Public transportation: trains
  12. Public transportation: buses
  13. Telephone
  14. Driving the car
  15. Loss and theft
  16. Illness and accident
  17. Sports and weather
  18. Sightseeing and leisure
  19. Entertainment
  20. Talking about yourself
  21. Making conversation
  22. Saying goodbye


  • Want to try? Contact me for a FREE TRIAL
  • Lessons are online (SKYPE), LIVE, private and will take 45 min each
  • Every lesson will be scheduled according to the student needs
  • Each lesson must be paid before the scheduling by PAYPAL: US$ 26 each
  • Extra material (PDF, audio files, file WORD, exercises, etc. …) will be sent before and after every lessons


Do not hesitate to contact me by email: s.aneres(at)yahoo(dot)it

or directly in SKYPE: serena.italian


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